Upcycle Woodwick Candle Jars

Creative Ways to Use Your Old WoodWick Candle Jars

After the overwhelming response to our last blog detailing how to clean and repurpose your WoodWick Candle jars into plant pots – are you facing the struggles of having too many jars and not enough plants? Many candle lovers burn through candles too quickly to reuse all of their jars – leaving them with a collection of beautiful glassware that they just don’t know what to do with.

Rather than tossing your candle jars – here are more fun ideas to repurpose your Woodwick candle jars in your home!

Creative Ways to Use Your Old WoodWick Candle Jars

Mini Plant Pot

Use the jar as a small planter for succulents, herbs or other small plants. Ensure proper drainage by adding a layer of small stones at the bottom.

Bathroom Organizer

Keep your bathroom organized by using the jar to store cotton balls or swabs. You could even use a jar as a toothbrush holder or container to store your flossers or hair ties– plus with a consistent design, you’ll have a set of glass storage containers that look elegant in any space.

Desk Organizer

Use multiple jars to create a stylish and functional desk organizer for pens, pencils and other office supplies. Small jars can hold rubber bands or paper clips, while taller ones can help organize scissors, rulers and other supplies!


Transform your favorite candle jar into a vase by adding flowers: fresh or dried! The large candle jars are perfect to show off your beautiful bouquets!

Kitchen Utensil Holder

Store cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons and tongs in a large candle jar on your kitchen counter.

Coin Bank

Turn a smaller candle jar into a unique coin bank. Paint or decorate it to make it more appealing. With the right tools, you could even cut a hole in the lid to provide easy access for saving up your coins!

Mini Terrarium

Create a small indoor garden by adding soil, pebbles and tiny plants inside the jar. Seal it to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

DIY Snow Globe

Glue a small figurine to the inside of the lid, add water and glitter and seal it tightly for a homemade snow globe.

Candle Jar Lantern

Place a tea light or battery-operated LED candle inside the cleaned jar to create a charming lantern for outdoor gatherings or to use as a festive centerpiece during holiday gatherings.

Spice or Herb Storage

Organize your kitchen by filling cleaned jars with spices or herbs and labeling them for easy access. Cinnamon sticks look beautiful when stored in an old WoodWick Candle jar!

Gift Jar

Decorate the jar and fill it with homemade bath salts, homemade cookies or other small gifts to give to friends and family. You can even paint the lid of the candle to make it more festive!

Are you ready to explore your creative side while repurposing old WoodWick Candle jars? If you don’t have any empty jars ready to repurpose, start by choosing your favorite scent and enjoying the charming crackle of a WoodWick candle! View our entire online selection at https://www.woodwick-candles.com/woodwick.html or visit us at our store in Maple Grove.

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