The Perfect WoodWick Scent for Each Person

Deciding on gifts can be the most stressful part of Christmas. What do you get for someone who has it all or asks for nothing? A candle! WoodWick candles are the perfect gift, and to prove it we’ve listed out the best fragrances for your loved ones! Whether they wish it were Christmas all the time or they are missing summer, there are a few fragrances in here that are perfect!

For the beach lover

At the Beach

This WoodWick candle blends the scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes into one fragrance that is sure to make any beach lover smile!

Nautical Escape Trilogy

This trilogy candle starts off with Tropical Oasis, melts into Sand and Driftwood, and wraps up with At the Beach. Three scents that are signature beach staples – another beach lover’s dream.

Coastal Sunset

Sun-kissed blossoms meet coconut and salty ocean air for this lasting scent that welcomes images of the warm glow of the coast at sunset. Bring happy memories of beautiful coastal sunset views with this relaxing, crackling candle!

For the one who plays Christmas music all year round

Fraser Fir

This candle smells like freshly cut Fraser fir on a crisp, cool winter morning – making your house smell like cutting down a Christmas tree and happy holiday memories!

Juniper & Spruce

A crisp scent, Juniper & Spruce brings together the scents of juniper berries, frosted sage and subtle notes of cedar to make any home smell like Christmas.

For the one who wishes spring lasted all year


This light yellow candle is sure to fit any spring all year aesthetic. Light this elegant candle for fragrances of delicately sweet honeysuckle in full bloom! 

Lavendar Spa

For anyone who loves spring and relaxing at a spa, this perfect combination of lavender and eucalyptus is sure to create the perfect environment for an at home spa day! It would be the perfect addition to a handmade spa kit.

For the baker

Café Sweets Trilogy

From Vanilla Bean to Caramel to Biscotti – this candle is any baker’s dream. Perfectly crafted to make it smell like something delicious is always ready to come out of the oven, this candle creates a cozy atmosphere and is sure to be loved by all.

Vanilla Bean

If you love Vanilla Bean and never want the scent to end, it comes individually too! This candle creates warmth with the scent of pure vanilla bean!

For the nature lover

Verdant Earth Trilogy

This earthy trilogy starts with Sand & Driftwood before melting into Hemp & Ivy and White Teak! All outdoorsy scents for the nature lover in your midst.

Magnolia Birch

The blended fragrance of magnolia leaf, white birch, and winter moss creates the aroma given off by Magnolia Birch! This candle is sure to please anyone who wishes they could bring the outdoors in.

For the one who spends every weekend in the cabin

Cozy Cabin Trilogy

If your loved one would rather be in their cabin, then this is the perfect choice! A mix of some of the happiest scents from cabin life to remind them of the good memories – Cozy Cabin starts with Evening Bonfire before melting into Oudwood and Wood Smoke!

Autumn Embers Trilogy

Another trilogy, this candle brings the fragrances of Walnut & Maple, Evening Bonfire, and Wood Smoke together in another perfect choice for cabin lovers. Remind them of evenings spent outside with friends around a bonfire!

For the one who loves pumpkin spice and everything nice

Pumpkin Butter

This delicious blend of fresh pumpkin, warm spices and sweet buttery notes is sure to make your home smell like fall and is perfect for all of your pumpkin loving friends!

Pumpkin Praline

Bringing more of a pumpkin spice smell to the table, Pumpkin Praline mixes pumpkin, maple, ginger and nutmeg for an indulgent fragrance!

With plenty of scents available, you can easily find the perfect gift for any loved one!  View our entire online selection at or visit us at our Maple Grove or Woodbury, MN location.

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