How Long Do WoodWick Candles Last? How Do You Keep WoodWick Candles From Smoking?

The operation of a WoodWick candle is akin to a miniature fireplace contained within a glass jar. It is a pleasant soothing sensory experience for both the ears and nose. At The Wood Gifts, we offer numerous WoodWick candle options to include in your living spaces, whether you want to add one or more fragrances that are floral, spicy, woodsy, or fruity.

The following total burn times can be achieved if you use your WoodWick candle as described on the product label. It is important to burn your candle for the necessary length of time that allows the melted wax to reach out to the sides of the glass.

Optimally, WoodWick candles can last for the following number of hours:

  • WoodWick mini candle jar - Approximately 20 hours
  • WoodWick Hearthwick - Approximately 50 hours
  • WoodWick medium candle jar - Approximately 60 hours
  • WoodWick large candle jar - Approximately 130 hours

Consequences of Short Burn Times

If you cut the burning time of your WoodWick candles short before the melted wax extends to the size of the glass container, pool wax will most likely push down into the center of the candle instead of burning evenly across the surface. After this phenomenon has occurred, it may become difficult to utilize all of the wax in the jar. The wax may even drown the wick.

It is important to keep the wooden wick of these candles trim to 1/8 of an inch to ensure the cleanest burn possible. A cold wick may be gently broken off with the fingers and discarded. Be sure to discard all portions of the work that had been broken off and make sure they are not left on the top of the wax.

Stopping or Preventing WoodWick Candles From Smoking

Keep your candles away from drafty areas, such as locations near a fireplace, window, or hallway. The candle may smoke due to exposure flows of air or because the wick is too long.

Recommended burn time parameters for WoodWick candles as directed by the manufacturer should be followed. For instance, a medium WoodWick candle should be allowed to burn for 3 to 4 hours per use. This will help ensure the wick does not become too long, which can cause it to start emitting smoke. When used properly these candles are virtually smoke free.

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