How to Save Drowning Wicks

Maybe this scenario has happened to you before: you light your candle and expect to be overcome with the smell of the sweet fragrance emanating from the source of the flame. However, what happens is the opposite. It is not what you expected. You have a drowning wick! Well, if this has happened, there is a solution to save your candle. At The Wood Gifts, we offer an array of WoodWick candles to enhance the interior atmosphere of your home with beautiful and soothing scents.

Here are some things you can do to save your drowning candle wick:

As you look at your candle, you may see a wick that has simply been cut too short. It burned a flame for a while, but then drowned after the wax melted and overcame the wick itself.

Relight the Short Wick With Q-tip Ready

Get a Q-tip and prepare to use it. Light the drowned candlewick once again.

Apply the Q-tip ONLY to the Melting Wax

After you have lit the wick, carefully apply your Q-tip, dipping one end of the tip into the fresh pool of wax. The purpose of this exercise is to soak up as much of the newly melted wax as possible in an effort to save the wick. However, it is important to BE CAREFUL as you do this! Do not touch the Q-tip to any part of the candle flame. Only touch the melted wax with your Q-tip. If the tip accidentally catches flame, quickly pull it away and blow it out.

The candle should perform perfectly after this fix.

Our WoodWick Candles

The WoodWick candles we offer are known for burning considerably cleaner than many other types of candles. They put forth a natural scent which does not include filling your living space with smoke when used properly. When these candles are burned in the correct manner, they can last a long time and not waste any wax in the process.

At The Wood Gifts, we offer a great selection of WoodWick candles to help you enhance the atmosphere and ambience of your interior spaces.

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