You Can Hear the Difference with WoodWick Candles

Have you ever noticed that some candles sound better than others? WoodWick Candles offer a unique sound to their vast selection.

With WoodWick Candles you can hear the difference! These candles have a wooden wick that crackles and burns when lit.

These soy-based candles use safe, non-toxic premium soy blend wax made in the United States. Soy candles are made from the oils of a soybean plant. These environmentally friendly candles are non-toxic, burn slower and last up to 50% longer than traditional candles, leaving a very small carbon footprint. They clean up easily if accidentally knocked over and they are manufactured using a renewable resource.

A natural wooden wick is used for WoodWick Candles where you can hear the difference because it crackles as it burns. With wooden wicks made from all-natural wood, the flickering light and the soft crackling sounds create the soft, relaxing atmosphere accompanying with great scents. Each scent is infused in the wax to allow the fragrance to be evenly dispersed while burning.

WoodWick Candles make great gifts for adults of all ages. They are appealing because of the soft cracking sounds similar to that of a crackling fire in a fireplace. Their unique decor allows them to blend in beautifully with any room style. The right candle can serve as a beautiful accent piece for a home or office even if it is never lit.

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