WoodWick Trilogy – Three Candles in One!

If you have trouble choosing just one candle fragrance, we have the perfect candle for you! WoodWick’s Trilogy line of candles combines three candle scents into one candle, providing multiple aromas to please your nose.


The premium WoodWick Trilogy candle creates a beautiful blend of color and fragrance. Each color layer contains a different scent. As the candle burns, each fragrance and color melts into the next layer, creating a unique new fragrance. So, you get even more than three scents in one candle!


Here are examples of the Trilogy Candles by WoodWick and the scents they include:


  • After Sunset – Birchwood, Havana Nights & Vineyard Nights
  • Warm Woods – Fireside, Redwood & Sandalwood Clover
  • Sunset Bonfire – Campfire Marshmallow, Gold Spun Sugar & Sand and Driftwood
  • Nautical Escape (new scent!) – Tropical Oasis, Sand and Driftwood & At The Beach
  • Ocean Escape – Tradewinds, Sunset Beach & Tropical Cooler
  • Clothesline Fresh – Linen, Cotton Flower & Cashmere
  • Exotic Spice – Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon & Spiced Rum
  • Gentle Rain – Dew Drops, Water Garden & Aegean Sea
  • Forest Walk – Frasier Fir, Velvet Woods & Enchanted Evergreen
  • Botanical Garden – Lilac, Rose & Honesuckle
  • Café Sweets – Vanilla Bean, Caramel & Biscotti


In addition, the Trilogy Candles by WoodWick include the PlusWick design allowing the candles to burn faster, throw the fragrance farther and burn clean all the way to the edge of the container.


So which WoodWick Trilogy Candle will you try first? With so many options, it can still be hard to decide! Whichever candle you choose, you can be sure you will get a variety of fragrances to enjoy as it burns.


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