WoodWick Holiday Candles

Thanksgiving is right around the corner with Christmas not far behind. With the holiday season nearly in full swing, you may be feeling excited or overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle this time of year brings.

Whatever you are feeling, we have some WoodWick holiday scents that will help you enjoy the season to its fullest, whether that’s while wrapping gifts and preparing for company or while spending time with family.

Here are some of our favorite holiday candles we think you’ll enjoy burning in your home this season.

Christmas Classic – This WoodWick Trilogy candle is three candles in one! You can enjoy the scents of cinnamon cheer, frasier fir and candy cane cupcake.

Fireside – Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a warm fire during the holidays with friends and family? Well this candle fragrance can capture that moment with natural scents of amber, vetiver and musk.

Cinnamon Chai – The smell of cinnamon makes us think of holiday baking. This comforting aroma can be enjoyed in or out of the kitchen with its spicy cinnamon and rich vanilla notes.

Pumpkin Butter – This is another holiday favorite with the delicious blend of fresh pumpkin, warm spices and a sweet buttery note. You’ll think a fresh pumpkin pie just came out of the oven!

Apple Crisp – Another tasty fragrance reminiscent for this time of year is apple crisp. This candle is a delicious combination of fresh apple slices baked in gooey caramel and topped with a butter crumb crust.

Frasier Fir – It wouldn’t be Christmas time for most people without a Christmas tree in the house. This fragrance truly captures the essence of freshly cut frasier fir on a crisp winter morning.

CinnaBark – Here is another cinnamon scent that combines shaved cinnamon bark with hints of warm vanilla. You can enjoy this one while sipping some cinnamon apple cider.

All of these holiday fragrances by WoodWick include the PlusWick design allowing the candles to burn faster, throw the fragrance farther and burn clean all the way to the edge of the container. You can also get the majority of these scents with the HearthWick flame that makes a soothing crackling sound as it burns.

So choose your favorite holiday scent and find time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season with a sweet fragrance in the air. Browse our selection of WoodWick Candles to get these holiday scents and more. You can also stop in at one of our Retail Locations.

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