Where to Place Your Scented Candles

We all appreciate scented candles. These small conglomerations of wax are perfect for creating an attractive atmosphere in the home. They can be used in just about any room to produce the desired effect. At The Woods Gifts, we offer an extensive selection of WoodWick Candles Scents you can choose from to enhance the beauty of your home and introduce inviting fragrances into your living spaces.

It is easy to set the perfect mood with one of these scented candles. Once you light them, simply allow the aroma to permeate throughout your living area.

Some of the most common and ideal areas of the home in which to place your scented candles include:

The Bathroom

When we think of candles in the bathroom, sometimes the purpose involves overpowering a less than pleasant scent associated with the bathroom. However, this is not the only use for scented candles and the bathroom. They are also perfect for enhancing décor or simply adding an appealing aroma. For instance, you may choose to light a lavender scented candle while taking a relaxing bath.

The Bedroom

Lighting a scented candle in the bedroom can help you relax in the evening right before bedtime. There are various scents you can choose from among these include sandalwood, ginger, and jasmine. There are many ways you can enhance the ambience in your bedroom and even create a romantic setting. If you happen to be pregnant, it is recommended to avoid using a jasmine scented candle and instead stick with ginger or sandalwood.

The Kitchen

When thinking of candles and what takes place in the kitchen, you may have the thought that the cooking smells mixed with candle scents may not be a good combination. However, some types of foods have aromas that are overpowering – for instance those involving certain spices, including garlic. A pleasantly scented candle can help dilute the strong and overpowering aromas to help create a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Of course, there are other rooms in the home in which scented candles can be the perfect addition, including the living room, finished basement, and even an office within your home.

To check out the various WoodWick candle options we offer at The Woods Gifts, shop our selection of scented candles today.

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