What are WoodWick Candles Made Of?

WoodWick candles are a unique and special type of candle for a specific reason that also makes them attractive to the senses of sight, smell, and sound. These candles function as a mini crackling fireplace inside of a glass jar. With the number of different scents and styles available from our selection of WoodWick candles at The Woods Gifts, you can embellish your home with beautiful fragrances and improved ambience.

WoodWick Candles Have Wood Wicks

The distinct feature that makes these candles different from other standard jar candles is the wide, yet short organic wood wick from which they are made. After this wick is lit, it produces an endearing crackling sound that reflects the type of sound emanating from a wood fireplace. The combination of the sound of crackling fire and pleasant fragrance offers a relaxing sensory experience. Not only do these candles provide enjoyment to the senses, but they also enhance the interior design and ambience of living spaces.

Provide a Clean Burn

These candles have a distinct reputation for a clean burn, cleaner than other types of candles you may have in your home. They also do not add additional smoke into the room when used properly, but they do produce a natural, appealing scent. When they are burned properly, the wax in the candle is not wasted and the service life of the candle can be maximized.

Types of WoodWick Candles

The candle jars available in WoodWick candles range in size from just over 3 ounces to 22 ounces. They also burn within a timeframe of 22 to 180 hours, depending on the size of the candle and whether it is burned in the proper manner. Various fragrances are also available among these WoodWick candles.

For a wide array of WoodWick candles to choose from for your home, check out the selection we offer at The Wood Gifts. You can truly enhance the interior ambience of your living spaces with one or more of these candles.

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