Try a Crackling Wick Candle Today

Everyone can appreciate the power of candles. From the gentle glow of the flame at the top of the wick to the mystery of the magical scents that seem to come from that pool of melting wax, they are intriguing and romantic accents to any home. WoodWick candles have added a third element added to their candles, sound.

Crackling wick candles are made using a wooden wick. The wooden wick when lit, produces a unique crackle and pop sound just like that of a burning log in a fireplace.

At first glance, you may think someone has put a small stick in the middle of a beautiful candle. That small stick is your new wick. When the wood burns in these crackling wick candles, it reminds you of nights in front of the fireplace or around a campfire. You can hear that familiar crackling sound as the flame breaks dances around the wooden that make up the candle wick.

Even without any scent in the candle, the wooden wick will give off a scent on its own. It is a light wood-burning scent. It is that same scent that may linger out of your fireplace or the morning after you sat around a fire all night toasting marshmallows and singing a few songs.

Crackling wick candles are sold by The Woods Gifts.

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