The Many Benefits of Reed and Spill-Proof Diffusers by WoodWick

Woodwick Spill Proof DiffuserThe scent of your home is an incredibly important aspect of overall well-being and comfort. The use of jar candles to create this feeling of comfort with appealing fragrance is a long-time practice within the home. As long as someone is present in the home or in a certain room where the candles are burning, it is safe to burn one or more of the candles. The appearance of the flame, along with its sound and the resulting aroma filling the room, together make for a wonderful and inviting experience. However, it is important that a flame is never left unattended, burning near a fan, or burning around children or pets. Luckily, if your current lifestyle doesn’t allow for the safe burning of candles, there are other safer ways to fill your home with beautiful fragrances. At The Woods Gifts, we offer variety of WoodWick diffusers to help you enjoy your favorite fragrances in a safe manner.

Whether you have rowdy children, curious pets, or a busy schedule conducive to forgetfulness, diffusers offer many wonderful benefits for your lifestyle.

A reed diffuser by WoodWick consists of three main components:

  • A small jar made of glass
  • A set of wooden reeds or sticks
  • Essential oils

The scented liquid is poured into the jar and the reeds are then placed inside. The ends of the reeds extend above the top of the jar air allowing the scent to disperse in the air.

This simple method offers endless aromatherapy options and beautiful aesthetics as well. Essential oils can provide a host of benefits without the risks of unnatural chemicals and ingredients. Reputable, high-quality, natural essential oils from WoodWick do not contain added harmful chemicals, making them a safer alternative when used as directed. In addition, some oils have certain health benefits, including stress, tension and pain relief, and better sleep.

Diffuses are also long lasting! A well-maintained reed diffuser made with quality products should last approximately one month before needing to be refilled or replaced. Some versions can last up to four months with proper use and care. They are a safe and energy-efficient method of adding a pleasant fragrance to almost any location. No batteries or electricity are required to power them.

Because there is no need to light a match or monitor a flame, reed diffusers can easily be stored on high shelves, out of the reach of curious children or furry friends. We also offer spill proof diffusers that can’t spill. Rather than traditional reeds and oils, our natural wooden top wicks the fragrance into the air while also preventing spills and messes. The stylish hourglass shape of the glass even adds an elegant touch to your décor. They last up to 60 days, keeping your space smelling amazing much longer than the average candle life.

With easy installation and mess-free bottles, diffusers are a convenient choice for your busy schedule!

Ready to learn more about diffusers? If you are looking to upgrade from your current reed diffuser or any other scent system, come to The Woods Gifts. With the diffusers we offer at The Woods Gifts, you can create a comforting space with your favorite aromas. Check out our selection of amazing WoodWick diffuser options today!

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