Spiced Blackberry – Glamour Magazine’s Best Fall Scents

Glamour voted Spiced Blackberry WoodWick Candle as one of the top scents this fallAt the end of August, Glamour Magazine published its list of the 23 best fall candles – and to no surprise WoodWick made it on the list! WoodWick Spiced Blackberry candles ranked for one of the best fall candles of the year, with its hints of blackberries, orange zest and cinnamon – bringing a lighter and fresher side to the traditional fall scents.

Beyond just its scent, WoodWick ranked because of its famous wooden wick. Who says you can’t enjoy the sounds of relaxing by a fireplace even if you don’t have one? With WoodWick candles, you can relax to the comforting and cozy sounds of crackling wood.

While WoodWick candles are no stranger to Glamour Magazine best candle lists, the Spiced Blackberry is truly one for the books. If you aren’t someone who enjoys the more traditional fall scent of pumpkin, this candle is the perfect counterpart while still bringing cozy, warm vibes to your home.

Spiced Blackberry isn’t the only WoodWick fall scent worth mentioning though! Their Autumn Harvest Trilogy brings you a hint of Spiced Blackberry in between common favorites – Apple Basket and Pumpkin Butter. Or you can go a more traditional pumpkin route with the Pumpkin Gourmand Trilogy – where Pumpkin Praline melts into Pumpkin Butter, finishing off with a calming White Honey scent!

If you prefer sticking with one scent, then you can’t go wrong with Pumpkin Praline or Pumpkin Butter – both are sure to make your home smell like you’ve just walked into a fall wonderland.

With plenty of scents available, you can find your new fall favorite on our site! View our entire WoodWick candle online selection here.

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