RibbonWick Candles

Candles have the power to relax and transform you to other places. Sometimes certain smells can bring back powerful memories such as grandma’s house, a farm or even a favorite bakery. Whatever fragrance you love, you can almost always find it in a candle.

RibbonWick candles have reinvented the way a candle burns. The unique ribbon-like quality of the wick allows the flame to dance hypnotically across the scented wax creating a unique ambiance and light like no other candle.

The RibbonWick candles come in a variety of fragrances from traditional holiday scents to your favorite outdoorsy fragrances.

RibbonWick candles make perfect gifts for friends and family far and near. They are the perfect item for any table, mantle or kitchen counter. These candles are perfect to keep in one corner of your room to make the whole room smell wonderful, the light combined with the gentle glow of the candle gives the room a very relaxed and ambient feel.

In addition, these candles do not harm the environment as the wick is made from pure organic material. The fragrance that comes from these candles has a very nice scent and is non-combustible.

The candles are made from a proprietary mixture of soy wax and beeswax with the fragrance infused straight into the wax.

Whether it is a cold and rainy day or hot and humid, you can create a romantic mood within your home by lighting a series of RibbonWick candles in a fireplace. Light them up, turn down the lights and enjoy the ambiance. Once you light them, you can enjoy the soft glow from the candle.

RibbonWick candles are sold by WoodWick Candles. They offer a wide selection of candles for you to choose from. Shop for RibbonWick candles on our online store today!

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