Reasons Why Wax Melts Are So Great

Wax melts have been one of the most popular items in home fragrance for the past several years. There are many reasons why wax melts are so great.

What Are Wax Melts?

Unlike candles, wax melts are pieces of wax that are scented. There is no wick and no big candle shape. Wax melts are available in different sizes and are designed to be melted in a wax warmer. When you are finished with the wax melts just turn off the wax warmer. The wax melts will solidify inside the warmer. When you are ready to use the warmer again, just turn it on.

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Wax melts are not as expensive as candles and will not break your budget. In fact, you will not need as many wax melts as you would candles because wax melts last longer.

Longer Burn Time

Wax melts typically last longer than candles. There are many things that determine how long they last: type of wax, fragrance, and size. An ounce of candle will burn in about five hours, but an ounce of wax melts will take last 28 hours before it goes out.

Fragrance Lasts Longer

Since wax melts are more solid than candles, they absorb heat more slowly, which releases the fragrance without burning the wax at a slower rate. Candles burn at a higher temperature which releases the fragrance faster. This means the fragrance from the wax melts will last longer than the fragrance from a traditional candle.

No Flame

Wax melts use electric warmers to release their fragrance. The warmers typically use a 15-watt light bulb at the base of the warmer to melt the wax. And because there is no flame, there is also no soot which can agitate respiratory issues in people.

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