How to Use An Essential Oil Diffuser? What Does an Essential Oil Diffuser Do?

Although we offer various diffusers at The Wood Gifts, one of the most utilized types of diffusers is the ultrasonic diffuser which uses water and ultrasonic waves to dispense essential oils into the air.

Using an Essential Oil Diffuser - The Ultrasonic Model

Select Location

Choose a location within a room that has a tabletop or solid surface. You will also need an outlet plug for the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. If you are using the diffuser on a wood surface, you may want to place the unit on a towel or placemat.

Add Water

Once you have chosen your ultrasonic diffuser location, fill the diffuser with clean tap water at room temperature up to the fill line in the reservoir. If no fill line is present, the diffuser unit should include a measuring cup that is to be filled and added to the reservoir. Check your diffuser user manual for the proper amount of water to add to the unit.

Add Oils

Then, add your essential oils to the water - about 5 drops. You may choose an essential oil blend or a single essential oil. More drops may be added for a stronger scent. Again, refer to your ultrasonic diffuser’s user manual for the recommended number of drops to add to your particular unit.

Turn On and Set Features

After adding the oil, replace the top of the diffuser or cap as required. Turn on the unit and set the features you desire if those options exist with your model.

Various Diffusers We Offer

The types of oil diffusers we offer at The Wood Gifts include the Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, Applewood Reed Diffuser, At The Beach Reed Diffuser, Evening Bonfire Oil Diffuser, Cozy Cashmere Diffuser, Redwood Reed Diffuser, Fireside Oil Diffuser, Vanilla Bean Oil Diffuser, and Lavender Spa Oil Diffuser. Whether you need standard oil diffusers, car diffusers, or a Feather Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, we have one or more options that can help you fill your home or vehicle with an appealing scent and atmosphere.

Shop our selection of essential oil diffusers, including the ultrasonic oil diffuser we offer at The Woods Gifts today!

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