How to Choose Candles for Your Bathroom

Although it may not be the most pleasant thought, many people choose candles and other types of scented products to negate certain unwanted smells in the bathroom. Smaller size bathrooms may retain a stronger scent for a longer period of time from burning candles than larger size bathrooms and spaces. In choosing the right candles for bathroom, it is important to follow a few important tips. At The Woods Gifts, we offer many different scents and styles of WoodWick Candles to help you beautify your bathroom and other living spaces with inviting scents.

Keep Things Simple

Choose a candle scent that is suitable for the particular space. Keep your candle additions simple to start with, only using a couple of candles at most with identical aromas. If you decide to add more candles later to eliminate unwanted smells in the bathroom, just add one at a time, and evaluate the effect before adding more. This will prevent you from creating an oversaturated aroma that is too strong for people to enjoy.

Choose Light Scents

Lighter candle scents are often more appealing and attractive than the most powerful scent you can place in your bathroom. Especially in smaller bathrooms, a stronger scent can overwhelm the entire space. In lighting a candle, your goal should be to neutralize unwanted smells and provide just the right touch of an additional pleasant scent into the room. A light linen scent is an example of what can work well in a bathroom area.

Candles as Accessories

Not only are candles in the bathroom effective for controlling or neutralizing other unwanted scents or adding new refreshing scents to the space, they are also excellent accessories to enhance a bathroom's décor. Candles may be added to infuse an atmosphere of elegance and style into a bathroom. They can also minimize the need to add other decorations, keeping the space uncluttered.

At The Woods Gifts, we offer an excellent selection of WoodWick Candles that include a variety of colors, sizes, and scents, and are ideal for placing in small and large size bathrooms.

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