Choosing a Candle Size: What’s Your Burning Style?

Just like no two candle scents are alike, neither are the rooms and occasions in which candles are used. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when trying to properly choose what size candle to buy. WoodWick Candles offer a wide variety of scents as well as varying sized candles in order to fit everyone’s burning style. But how do you choose the right size candle for you?

People burn candles all sorts of ways. No matter your method, we can find the right fit for you. Now let’s get started.

The Sampler 

WoodWick Candles small sampler, medium rotator, and large all day burn candle sizes

Do you love trying out new scents in your home? Do you have a small apartment or plan to burn your candle in a small room? It is fair to say that smaller, mini candle jars will work better for rooms such as the bath or laundry area. Or, if you’re trying out several new scents, minis are the way to go. Mini candles are also great given as gifts as they allow the recipient to try out a new scent without committing to a larger candle.

The Rotator

Do you like to rotate different scents by your mood? Medium sized candles are ideal for when you’ve found a few scents you love and want to experience regularly. Having a stash of medium sized candles allows you to burn daily while diversifying each day, room by room, or by mood. Or, look for our Scent of the Month Sales and stock up to add to your rotation!

Medium sized jar candles also make the perfect gifts for when you find a scent you think the recipient would love.

The All Day Burner

If you’ve got candles burning all the time, then a large candle or several large candles in the scent or scents you adore are the right choice for you. Nothing is worse than when your favorite candle burns out so keep the wick burning longer with a larger candle!

We Have The Candle Size For You

With your burning style in mind, here’s a breakdown of WoodWick candle sizing and their ideal uses. And remember, no matter the candle, it’s still a good idea blow it out every 4 hours and let it cool. Extinguish them after four hours, allow them to cool for two hours and then trim the wick again before you relight them.

  • Mini: Short burns. Great for bathtub or bedside. Perfect gifts or for sampling new scents.
  • Medium: Short-medium burns of 1-5 hours. Great for rotating your favorite scents.
  • Large: Long burns. For the avid candle burner that has go-to favorite scents.

What’s your burn style? Stock up on the right sized WoodWick candles for your home by visiting one of our retail store locations or shop WoodWick candles online.

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