3 Ways to Fragrance Your Home Without a Flame!

The use of jar candles to embellish a living space with an appealing fragrance is a long time, traditional practice within the home. As long as someone is present in the home or in a certain room where the candles are burning, it is safe to burn one or more of the candles. The appearance of the flame along with its sound and the resulting aroma filling the room is generally an inviting and relaxing experience. However, it does have a certain downside related to the fact that it can be dangerous if a flame is left unattended, burning near a fan, or burning around children or pets. There are safer ways to fill your home with enjoyable fragrances. At The Woods Gifts, we offer a wide array of WoodWick diffuser products to help you embellish your home with your choice of appealing fragrances in a safe manner.

Below are three top ways to fill your home with fragrance without the use of the flame.

1. Diffusers – Reed or Ultrasonic

The reed diffusers we offer are widely used and an excellent way to fill your home with pleasant scents. They deliver a scent into the room by absorbing fragrance oil into the reeds. These diffusers not only fragrance a room effectively, but they are also an attractive item for your interior décor. Ultrasonic diffusers are popular as well with those who enjoy the fragrances delivered through essential oils. These diffusers use electronic frequencies and water to disperse a mist of water and oil into the air.

2. Wax Melts

Provided in an attractive WoodWick Candle hourglass form, the wax melts we offer are perfect for a standard electrical or traditional wax warmer. You can simply place your favorite wax melt square onto a wax burner and through tea light or electric burner, burn the melt square. The scent produced will distribute throughout the room for hours of satisfaction.

3. Air Freshener Sprays

The use of air fresheners is a common way to scent a home without the use of a flame. We offer the Frasier Fir Thymes home fragrance spray which is an air freshener unlike many others you will find. It emanates a freshly-cut, crisp forest fragrance that reminds one of the Christmas holiday season. It is a VOC-compliant spray that can enhance the indoor atmosphere for those special occasions.

With the diffusers we offer at The Woods Gifts, you can produce a satisfying and comfortable ambience in your home with the scent of fragrant oils that fill your living spaces to your heart’s content.

Check out our selection of amazing WoodWick diffuser options at The Woods Gifts today!

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