Linen WoodWick Candle

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The WoodWick candle features a natural wick made from organic wood to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire with exceptional fragrance. New PlusWick design will burn faster, throw the fragrance further, and burn clean all the way to the edges.

Fragrance: The fresh, familiar scent of linens being sun-dried on a bright spring day.

The WoodWick Linen Candle

The WoodWick Linen Candle we offer at The Woods Gifts enables you to add a charming accessory to beautify your home and fill it with a fresh and inviting fragrance. With this candle, you can enjoy the wonderful scent of linens being dried by the sun on a gorgeous spring day. Just think of the impact this candle can have in your bathrooms, or other frequently occupied spaces of your home.

Features of the WoodWick Linen Candle

This WoodWick candle comes with a unique natural wick manufactured from organic wood that causes a delightful crackling fire sound and also emits a refreshing, fragrant scent into the surrounding area. Created with the new PlusWick design, this candle produces a faster burn extending to the edges and disperses its fresh linen fragrance far throughout the living space.

A Beautifully Scented Linen Candle

There is no doubt that when you purchase the WoodWick Linen candle or any of our other WoodWick candle options, you are receiving a unique, high-quality home accessory that is the product of exceptional workmanship. The scent emitted from this burning candle can provide a refreshing and comforting atmosphere to the various spaces of your home and provide you and your family hours of delightful fragrance and appealing visual display and sound.

Purchase the WoodWick Linen Candle

Consider adding the Linen WoodWick candle plus any other exceptional WoodWick candle fragrances we offer at The Woods Gifts. These candles are perfectly suited to help you add just the right touch of beautiful fragrance to the living spaces in your home.

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