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WoodWick Trilogy Candles for Beautiful Fragrances and Color Melts

Fill your home with some of the most beautiful fragrances while staying under budget by choosing the WoodWick Trilogy Candles we offer at The Woods Gifts. Enjoy a range of pleasant scented candles in multiple sizes to complement your décor and create a relaxing environment. WoodWick Trilogy Candles can be used to accessorize the various areas of your home, including your bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Enjoy the many fragrances we offer, or simply burn your favorite one, any time of the year.

The affordable and attractive Trilogy Candles we offer provide you with a superb solution for beautifying the atmosphere and décor of any living space in your home.

WoodWick Trilogy Candles

Introducing the premium WoodWick Candle offered in a beautiful combination of colors and fragrances. Each layer of color within these candles contains a unique fragrance. As the candle slowly burns, each color and fragrance melts into the next layer, releasing a new, unique fragrance into the air. The PlusWick design of these candles disperses the fragrance farther, burns faster, and provides a clean burn out to the edges.

The fragrances we offer from the extensive selection of exquisite WoodWick Trilogy Candles include Botanical Garden, Café Sweets, Cozy Cabin, Exotic Spice, Garden Oasis, Gentle Rain, Nautical Escape, Warm Woods, Woodland Shade, and Woven Comforts.

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Shop our selection of WoodWick Trilogy Candles as well as the complete selection of WoodWick Candles from our online store and create the pleasant and relaxing environment you desire in your home.

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