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Types of WoodWick Jar Candles

Woodwick jar candles have a lot to offer – Hourglass candles when you just want a quiet, calming crackle to read or relax to; Ellipse candles when you want the effect of sitting by a fireplace, but don’t have access to one; Petite candles for when you want to venture out of your comfort zone, but aren’t ready to take a full leap of faith to purchase a full size candle; Trilogy candles for when you are feeling a bit indecisive and don’t want to have to choose just one scent; or Reserve candles for when you want a line designed with the male perspective in mind. No matter who you are, or what you prefer, Woodwick has a jar candle for you!

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Designed with creating a relaxing atmosphere in mind, Woodwick Jar Candles do just that. The soft crackle of the candle, with some of the most amazing scents, truly just add a comforting element to any room. They are perfect to snuggle up and read a book, or take a candle lit bubble bath after a long week. You can light them during yoga, or meditation, while taking classes online, or working from home – whatever situation you’re in, Woodwick Jar Candles are the perfect addition!

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