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WoodWick Ellipse Candle Options – Enhance Your Living Space With Beautiful Scents

Try the WoodWick Ellipse Candle we offer at The Woods Gifts and enjoy an amazingly beautiful fragrance within your living spaces. This HearthWick candle comes in various fragrances to accommodate your taste. You can upgrade your interior environment and enhance your decor through the various HearthWick candles we offer in the beautiful ellipse shape.

The Perfect WoodWick Ellipse Candle

Our HearthWick ellipse candles help you enjoy a relaxing and comforting environment within your home. Experience all the benefits of the WoodWick HearthWick candle, which portrays a warm hearth of cozy firelight through sound and light. This candle is manufactured with exceptional quality soy waxes and paraffin containing a strong concentration of fragrance that lasts a long time. The candle’s ellipse-shaped glass container allows for a wide opening giving the melted wax an opportunity to completely pool. You can enjoy a consistent, safe, crackling burn through the PLUSWICK® wooden wick technology included with this candle. With a wider-than-normal wick, the innovative design of this candle creates an effect that replicates a welcoming hearth. The HearthWick candle scents we offer in our ellipse-shape options include Amber & Incense, Pumpkin Pecan, Redwood, At The Beach, Warm Woods Trilogy, Cafe Sweets Trilogy, Lilac, Lavendar Spa, Cinnamon Chai, Sand & Driftwood, Pomegranate, and Warm Wool.

Beautiful Candles Scents

When you select one of our WoodWick Ellipse candle options, you know you have a product manufactured to a high level of workmanship. The fragrances mentioned above can literally enhance the ambience in your home.

Purchase HearthWick Ellipse Candles

Choose from among the various HearthWick WoodWick ellipse candles we offer at The Woods Gifts today!