What Makes WoodWick Candles Unique?

There are so many choices when it comes to fragrant candles for your home. So, you may be wondering what makes WoodWick candles different from the rest? We are glad you asked!

In addition to offering a wide variety of fragrances and various candle sizes, WoodWick candles (as the name implies) are made with a wooden wick. This is the most distinguishing feature of these candles. So, let’s explore what these wooden wicks do.

Cleaner Burn

Wooden wicks and the use of soy mixed with paraffin wax help WoodWick candles burn cleaner than typical candles. This means the candles give off very little smoke or toxins as they burn. You can enjoy the fragrant scent of the candle in your home without worrying about breathing in too many chemicals.

The unique aspects of WoodWick Candles

Long-Lasting Scent

As mentioned, WoodWick candles come in a wide variety of fragrances. So, you are sure to find one (or many) that you’ll love! The categories of scents you can enjoy include:

In addition, there are trilogy candles which combine three different layers of fragrance into one candle.

The wooden wick allows WoodWick candles to deliver fragrance fast and also throw the fragrance farther, filling the entire room with your favorite smell in no time! Plus, the scent will linger even after the candle is extinguished.

Crackling Sound

The most distinctive feature of a candle with a wooden wick is the crackling sound it makes while it burns. Think of listening to a crackling fire. You can create that same ambiance while burning a WoodWick candle!

Sensory Experience

WoodWick candles target several senses at once. They please the nose with their fragrance, the eyes with their dancing flame and the ears with their crackling sound. Burning a WoodWick candle is an experience. It can help you unwind after a busy day or remind you of another time or place.

Are you ready to experience WoodWick candles in your home? Shop online today or visit The Woods Gifts in Maple Grove or Woodbury.

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