What is a Triple Scented Candle?

There is a term sometimes used in the candle selling industry referred to as "triple scented." Let us examine below what this term means. At The Woods Gifts, we offer a wide range of WoodWick Candles that are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your home and embellishing it with pleasant scents.

Defining a Triple Scented Candle

Over the last couple of decades, the products offered by candle makers have advanced, just as products in other industries have advanced in their design and capabilities. In the past, paraffin wax was most commonly available with about a 3 percent fragrance loading provided in such candles.

Since that time, other waxes have entered the marketplace that are able to handle and dispense a greater quantity of fragrance - many as high as a 12 percent fragrance loading.

Each type of wax, whether it is paraffin, soy, beeswax, or coconut, can only handle a certain quantity of fragrance before the quality of the candle is degraded. While there are guidelines provided by manufacturers for maximum fragrance loading, every kind of wax is different.

Generally speaking, candles sold on the market today are able to handle more fragrance now than others from the past. Most candle makers load their candles with the highest percentage of fragrance the wax can handle.

Therefore, triple scented candles referred to today are considered to have three times, or triple the fragrance compared to some of the paraffin candles sold a couple of decades ago that could only hold a very small percentage of fragrance.

Does More Fragrance Equal More Candle Throw?

It would seem natural that having more fragrance increases the throw of the candle. However, the art of candle making is partially science and partially an art form. However, it can take a considerable amount of time to determine the optimum percentage of fragrance that should be added to wax for the best hot and cold throw of the fragrance.

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