How to Use Up All the Wax in Your Candle

The WoodWick candle flame is unique in the sense that it produces burning characteristics that vary from other candles in a significant manner. With these candles, with proper use, you can effectively use up all of the wax, leaving nothing to waste. At The Wood Gifts, we offer an extensive array of WoodWick candles to improve the ambience in your home.

Here are some tips on using up all of the wax in your candle, regardless of the type of candle involved:

Use a Wick Trimmer

With a Wick trimmer, be sure to trim your wick to the proper length - ideally 1/8 inch - and make sure there are no trimmings left in the wax. Any debris in the candle can make the flame flicker too high, allowing blackening and soot of the glass and also producing a hissing sound. Use long matches when lighting.

Let the Candle Burn to the Edges

The initial burn is the most important burn of the candle. It is important that the candle wax is pulled to the edges on the first burn. You can think of it this way: wax has a memory. If your candle fails to burn to the edges initially, it will start to tunnel and fail to burn evenly on successive burns.

Burn the Optimum Length of Time

In the ideal scenario, these candles should burn for approximately 2-3 hours each time, but not more than 4 hours in order to extend the candle’s life.

Allowing a WoodWick candle to burn for at least two or three hours will enable the melted wax pool to extend to the sides of the container, optimizing the burn time. This can be done the wick trimmer or tapping the excess wick your finger.

Keep the Candle Flame Away from Any Air Flow

It is also important to prevent your burning candle from being exposed to air conditioners, fans, areas of heavy people traffic, or open windows. Moving air can affect the flame and cause unattractive black marks to form on the glass as well.

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