WoodWick Candles Makes Perfect Christmas Scents (And Gifts!)

So many scents, so little time! The window for Christmas WoodWick Candle scents seems so small. For a lover of fall scents like myself, luxurious pumpkin and spice scents last far into November. By the time the last of the autumn scents burn down to their last puff, it’s a scramble to fill your home with the comforting smells of winter. It’s just past that time, and you should be stocking up on Christmas scents. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of most popular ones!


There are few scents that say Christmas quite like a strong pine scent. There’s nothing like putting the Christmas tree up for the season and having the smell of pine permeate the room. You can capture that smell and allow it to flow throughout your entire home with a Siberian Fir, Emerald Forest or Frasier Fir WoodWick Candle. Many of these choices are in unique glass holders, also making them a decorative piece.


Winter berries can be a beautiful contrast this time of year. The same goes for berry scents. Contrast traditional winter scents with the delicious, fruity scent of berries. The lighter berry scent pairs well with many of the Christmas scents. We have Crimson Berries and Holly Berry as holiday berry options for you. The light dances on the decorative selection seen below.

Holiday Baking

One of our favorite parts about the holidays is baking! Heavenly aromas fill the air as cookies and pies are warmed in the oven. Don’t you wish you could capture that same smell in a candle after you’ve baked your 110th batch of cookies? You can, with one of the scents reminiscent of holiday treats. We have Cinnamon Chai, Rum Raisin and Vanilla Bourbon. You’ll have more than sugarplums dancing in your head with these aromas swirling around your home.

Are you in need of a Christmas gift or a Christmas scent for yourself? Then stop by any one of our retail locations, or browse our online selection.

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