Trilogy Candles from WoodWick

Good things come in threes; at least, that’s the case when you’re talking about candles from WoodWick’s Trilogy line. Each candle comes with three unique scents. As each layer melts away, the layers combine to create an original new scent, and with several Trilogy candles to choose from, it’ll be a while before you finally take them all in.

Available candles (and the three scents they contain) include:

  • Island Sunrise – Sparkling Ginger, Citrus Melon, At the Beach
  • Gentle Rain – Dew Drops, Water Garden, Aegean Sea
  • Hidden Garden – Ruby Sunset, Sheer Elegance, Lilac and Lily
  • Warm Woods – Fireside, Redwood, Sandalwood Clove
  • Cafe Sweets – Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Biscotti
  • Exotic Spice – Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon, Spiced Rum
  • Clothesline Fresh – Linen, Cotton Flower, Cashmere
  • Fresh Baked – Bakery Cupcake, Orange Gingersnap, Coffee Cake

Visit the Trilogy Candles page on our website to look at our available selection, and visit the WoodWick Candles website to check out and purchase your candles today!

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