Thanksgiving Enhanced with WoodWick Candles

Of all the things we have to be thankful for this holiday season, add delicious WoodWick Candles to the list! When you have your closest friends and family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, enhance the experience with the soft, warm glow of a candle. In this blog, we’re going to cover some suggestions for candles to pair with your Thanksgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving Dinner

When everyone sits down to dinner, it will smell like a fresh baked turkey, stuffing and bread. The candle Fresh Baked would be the perfect pairing for Thanksgiving dinner. So many luscious smells will be circulating throughout the whole house. A blend of Bakery Cupcake, Orange Gingersnap and Coffee Cake candles will complement the smell of freshly baked Thanksgiving dinner.

After Dinner

Once dinner is done and the kitchen is clean, you’ll be able to get into the really fun stuff— relaxing with your loved ones. If this weather keeps up, you may be gathered around a warm hearth. With a perfectly matched candle, Warm Hearth, you’ll be enveloped in the aromas of burning wood and vanilla musk – an exquisite addition to visiting time, especially if you don’t own a wood-burning fireplace.

Popular Fragrance

Do you need a crowd pleaser? Parisian Vanilla, in the Ribbonwick Candle collection, is sure to do the trick! Vanilla is a very familiar and popular fragrance. Men and women alike share a love for vanilla scents. If you’re worrying about someone who has a sensitive sniffer, or want something to contrast and cover up cooking smells, any one of our vanilla scents will be a good choice. Vanilla is a light scent, but powerful enough to fill the room.

Need some candles for Thanksgiving get together? Browse our selection online, or stop by any of our retail locations.

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