New WoodWick Candles for 2017

It’s a new year and that means new candles from WoodWick! We are excited to share some of the new products and scents available. Be sure to browse our selection of 2017 WoodWick Candles. Whether for yourself or as a gift, these candles are great for any occasion!

Windowsill Herbs
Think of growing your favorite herbs on your windowsill! This fragrance is an aromatic infusion of sparkling lime, parsley and wild lavender with hints of peppercorn and fruity musks. You can enjoy this fragrance in a traditional WoodWick jar or in a new garden pot (see below). The fragrance also comes in the popular HearthWick form with either a glass or ceramic container.

WoodWick Windowsill Herbs Garden Pot

Tropical Oasis
Who isn’t ready for a beach vacation at this point of the winter? The good news is you can bring the smell of the tropics to your living room! The tropical oasis fragrance combines scents of tropical fruits and cool coconut with hints of endless white beaches and stunning turquoise waters. Ah! Just light it up, get a drink with an umbrella, sit back and enjoy a mini vacation. You can also enjoy this WoodWick candle in a variety of forms, including the HearthWick version with the sandy coating.

Tropical Oasis HearthWick Candle

Cucumber Melon
This is a classic fragrance being brought to life by WoodWick. Refreshing notes of freshly picked herbs and garden cucumber are enveloped with fruity melon. Enjoy the refreshing fragrance and look forward to days when you can plant your garden and watch it grow! Standard WoodWick and HearthWick versions available as well as a ceramic or garden pot container.

Cucumber Melon HearthWick Candle

At the Beach
It’s back to vacation time! WoodWick knows where people long to be. This fragrance helps you escape to the beach from wherever you are. It includes summery scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes. Enjoy it in the winter as a nice reminder of warmer days or in the summer when you are stuck inside or unable to visit the sandy shore.

At The Beach WoodWick Candle

Are you ready to enjoy one or more of these new candles? Browse our selection today of 2017 WoodWick Candles. You can also stop in at one of our Retail Locations.

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