New WoodWick Candles for 2016!

Here at The Woods Gifts, we are very excited to show off our newest WoodWick Candles for 2016. Take a look at the new candles and accessories we now have in stock. These make excellent gifts for any occasion and any person on your list!

Lilac WoodWick Candle

Think spring with our new Lilac Woodwick Candle. Featuring the new PlusWick design, this fragrant candle will burn faster, burn stronger and burn clean all the way to the edge of the glass candle jar. You will enjoy a burn time of up to 180 hours (depending on the size you order), and the jar is reusable!

lilac woodwick candle the woods gifts

Lilac Botanical WoodWick Candle

Bring the lovely scent of a WoodWick Candle together with a beautiful, decorative and reusable glass jar and you’ve got the Lilac Botanical WoodWick Candle. Much like the Lilac WoodWick Candle, you get the enjoyable fragrance of a blooming lilac bush, but with the Botanical WoodWick Candle, you also get a glass jar that is decorated with the lovely-to-look-at images of lilac blooms. Get a candle that doesn’t just smell good – it looks good too!

lilac botanical woodwick candle the woods gifts

Nautical Escape WoodWick Trilogy Candle

Get the best of three worlds with the new Nautical Escape WoodWick Trilogy Candle. Tropical Oasis, Sand and Driftwood and At the Beach scents will bring to mind long and lazy days at the shore, listening to the sound of the waves crashing and enjoying some much-needed vacation time!

nautical trilogy woodwick candle the woods gifts

Lilac WoodWick Car Vent Freshener

You can now bring your WoodWick Candle with you on the go with our new Lilac WoodWick Car Vent Freshener! Cars can harbor some bad odors sometimes, so you can now enjoy the delightful scent of lilac no matter where you go. Simply attach the car vent freshener in front of your car’s vents and the floral fragrance will permeate your vehicle. These flameless air fresheners will last you about 45 days or so.

lilac car vent freshener the woods gifts

Citronella Woven Wood Lantern WoodWick Candle

Functionality meets beauty with the Citronella Woven Wood Lantern WoodWick Candle. Keep bugs and mosquitoes away with the citronella scent but look good while doing it! The candle holder is both rustic and pretty, and it makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

citronella woven wood lantern woodwick candle the woods gifts

Are you interested in browsing our new WoodWick Candles and other candle accessories for 2016? Browse our site or call us at 612-584-9405.

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