2013 RibbonWick Candles

2013 RibbonWick Candle Scents

Last year’s introduction of Ribbonwick Candles brought you a new way of creating decor with candlelight.  This year brings beautiful new vessels with intoxicating scents, such as Black Forest (below left), which features a blend of rich wood notes including sandalwood with a base of golden amber, and Toasted Tonka (below right), offering warm scents of toasted vanilla tonka beans, cinnamon, and hints of raisin accord.


Parisian Vanilla is a delightful blend of Parisian vanilla custard, freshly baked waffle cones, and white amber, while Sugared Praline is a combination of rich cream, sweet pecans, and caramelized sugar with hints of smoky vanilla.


Burning a Ribbonwick candle outdoors is now possible with three outdoor-friendly containers, each one featuring sophisticated scents of blue sage with hints of subtle lavender.  Pebble Stone (at left, below) comes in a neutrally-colored ceramic container that would make a beautiful planter after the candle has been completely burned. Teal Stone (center, below) is a favorite among the associates here at The Woods for it’s deep teal color. The third outdoor style is a real cottage charmer! Verdigris Tin (at right, below) offers a more romantic style in a rustic tin container.

And that’s not it for this year…check back in August for new styles for Fall and Christmas!