Effects of Candle Scents on Mood

Some of you may really enjoy burning a candle, but you may not know why. Some studies have shown certain scents can have an effect on your mood. Depending on what you’re going for, you can choose a scent that will boost your mood or work to relax you. At  The Woods Gifts, we are happy to provide you with the products you love. Our line of Ribbonwick Candles is available in a variety of scents. In this blog, we’re going to review some of our most popular scents and their potential effects on your mood.


Ribbonwick Candles come in a couple of tea scents including Green Tea and Tea Blossom. The essence of tea has been captured in a candle for your pleasure. Everything you love about a cool or warm cup of tea can also be enjoyed in these candles. Some studies have shown the ability of tea scents to ease depression, lighten spirits and provide relaxation. It is said this scent can rejuvenate and energize the body. So, if you’re feeling blue, light one of these tea-scented Ribbonwick Candles and relax.


You could choose a fruity Ribbonwick Candle if you’re looking to feel happy and upbeat. Start off your day right with a fruity scent, no matter what time of the year it is. Popular fruity scents, like  Raspberry Kiss, are good fuel for an uplifting day. If you have housework to complete or you are just enjoying a beautiful day, a fruity scent may enhance your mood. These may help you feel more care- and worry-free. Experience your day, only better, with a Ribbonwick Candle burning in the background.


Parisian Vanilla is a great choice of Ribbonwick Candle because it is a gender neutral scent. Vanilla is a more relaxing scent that makes you feel like you’ve just taken a trip to the spa. Vanilla is commonly associated with pleasurable memories in both men and women. Think back to Mom baking Christmas cookies or cupcakes. The scent of vanilla can bring back fond memories and put the mind at ease.

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