HearthWick Candle Care

HearthWick Flame Scented Candles combine the best features of WoodWick and RibbonWick candles. When burned, the candle sounds like a crackling fire, and the long flame provides a warm glow. These candles allow you to experience the cozy comfort of a glowing fireplace anywhere in your home. Because the HearthWick Flame Candle is unique, it can occasionally display different burning characteristics than other candles. So, we want to provide a few simple tips to ensure you get the best burn from your HearthWick!


Light the wick all the way across not just on one end.
This helps the candle burn evenly.


Allow the candle to burn until the wax melts out to all the edges of the candle container. HearthWick Candle
This usually takes about 30-60 minutes. The flame height may vary at times and occasionally even appear to self-extinguish, but that’s okay! Even if you are experiencing a “low” flame, it will continue to heat and soon the flame height will return. The recommended burn time is 3-4 hours.


Keep the candle away from drafts.
Avoid having a candle burn where a ceiling fan, air conditioner or breeze will affect the flame.


Never move or handle a candle while it’s burning or while the wax is hot.
This is very unsafe, and pouring or removing liquid wax from the vessel will cause the wick to extinguish or “drown” in the wax.


Keep the wick trimmed to between 1/8 and ¼ inch.
If the candle begins to smoke, or if the flame height is greater than 1½ inches, gently blow out the candle, allow the wick and wax to cool, and trim the wick by gently running your finger across the top of it. Remove all wick trimmings before lighting the candle again.


Know that the candle is designed to self-extinguish when 3/8 inch of wax remains.
The candle is designed to self-extinguish at this point for your safety. Typically, once the wax gets to within half an inch from the bottom, you should stop using it.


If you follow the above burning guidelines, your HearthWick Candle should burn clean and straight down the sides of the glass jar with little or no wastage. Remember to follow basic safety guidelines when burning any candle: never leave it unattended, keep away from flammable materials and only place on heat resistant surfaces.


We hope these tips help you enjoy your HearthWick Candles even more! If you would like more information on purchasing or caring for HearthWick Candles, please Browse Our Site or visit one of our Retail Locations. We also carry Milkhouse Candles, which are clean burning soy candles.


Celebrate International Coffee Day!

Today is International Coffee Day! What’s better than sipping a hot cup of coffee? We sell WoodWick Candles in Southdale, and we love to celebrate all things coffee. Did you know that coffee beans are the pit of a berry, and that technically makes them a fruit? Plus, there is a lot of food out there that is the perfect complement to a cup of joe. So sit back, relax, drink your coffee and read on for suggestions on which WoodWick Candles to buy to help celebrate International Coffee Day.

Biscotti Orange WoodWick Candles

Biscotti is an Italian cookie that is twice baked, so it’s really crunchy and makes the perfect sweet treat to dip into your coffee. You can bring home the delightful scent of this delicious cookie with one of our Biscotti Orange WoodWick Candles.


Vanilla Bean WoodWick Candles

Flavored coffee is all the rage these days, and what better way to bring that to mind than by sniffing the warm smell of vanilla beans? Remind yourself of the delectable taste of vanilla-flavored coffee and buy yourself one of our Vanilla Bean WoodWick Candles.


Pumpkin Muffins WoodWick Candles

Another popular food that pairs perfectly with coffee is a muffin. A freshly baked muffin is so tasty when it complements a hot cup of coffee. And this time of year, pumpkin flavor is making its annual appearance. Light up one of our Pumpkin Muffins WoodWick Candles to have that pumpkin scent permeate your home any time you want.


Cinnamon Chai WoodWick Candles

Sometimes, coffee just isn’t what you want. But you still want something hot and enjoyable. The spicy scent and taste of a nice cup of chai might hit the spot! And one of our Cinnamon Chai WoodWick Candles is a great choice for all of the chai tea lovers out there!


For all of your WoodWick Candles in Southdale, visit The Woods! Or you can call us at 1-888-838-4067. Or Browse Our Site.

Trilogy Candles from WoodWick

Good things come in threes; at least, that’s the case when you’re talking about candles from WoodWick’s Trilogy line. Each candle comes with three unique scents. As each layer melts away, the layers combine to create an original new scent, and with several Trilogy candles to choose from, it’ll be a while before you finally take them all in.

Available candles (and the three scents they contain) include:

  • Island Sunrise – Sparkling Ginger, Citrus Melon, At the Beach
  • Gentle Rain – Dew Drops, Water Garden, Aegean Sea
  • Hidden Garden – Ruby Sunset, Sheer Elegance, Lilac and Lily
  • Warm Woods – Fireside, Redwood, Sandalwood Clove
  • Cafe Sweets – Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Biscotti
  • Exotic Spice – Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon, Spiced Rum
  • Clothesline Fresh – Linen, Cotton Flower, Cashmere
  • Fresh Baked – Bakery Cupcake, Orange Gingersnap, Coffee Cake

Visit the Trilogy Candles page on our website to look at our available selection, and visit the WoodWick Candles website to check out and purchase your candles today!

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Amber Twilight WoodWick Candle

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