Blooming into WoodWick Candle’s Spring Scents

What are you craving this time of year? Clean scents? Fruity scents? Floral scents? You have your pick! Spring is finally upon us, and we have spring-scented WoodWick Candles to suit all sniffers.

Woodsy Scents

This spring, are you anxious to get out into the woods? For the time you’re not out exploring, fill your home with all your favorite scents from the woods. If you don’t have the luxury of living near the woods, a fire pit may have to do for the duration of the spring. We also have scents that will remind you of sitting fireside.

Ocean & Beach Scents

Who isn’t ready for the beach? While you’re waiting it out, enjoy fresh, light ocean and beach scented candles. Many of these spring-friendly WoodWick Candles come in a soothing blue color. While the candle softly crackles away, your mind can escape to relaxing on the beach.

Floral Scents

If you can’t get enough of those flowers blooming, bring that scent wherever you go. Floral scents are some of the most popular because they are typically more powerful. The scent will permeate your home and remind you that winter is really over!

Fruit Scents

Fresh fruit is one of the biggest perks of the upcoming seasons. Peaches, raspberries and so many more will be available in abundance again soon. If you are a fresh fruit fiend, browse our selection of spring WoodWick Candles. You’ll find a variety of fruits that never go bad.

Clean Scents

Clean scents are some of the most unassuming we have. They are a light and gentle, but gorgeous, like playing outside on a warm spring day between the sheets on the line. They are not overwhelming; instead they are soothing and fresh.

Are you looking for spring WoodWick Candles? You can Browse our Selection Here or visit any one of our Retail Locations.

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