August 27: National “Just Because” Day

Have you ever wanted to do something for no good reason? Have you ever decided to walk backwards or speak in rhymes, just because you can? Probably most people like to do silly or funny things for no reason! Finally, there is a holiday that celebrates doing things “just because.” Wednesday, August 27, is National “Just Because” Day. And sometimes, you want to give someone a gift “just because.” And what better gift to give than a WoodWick Candle! We sell WoodWick Candles in Woodbury, and through our website you can order and ship WoodWick Candles to anywhere in the country. Here are a few suggestions on which candles to give someone you love “just because.”

Biscotti – Our August Scent of the Month

Biscotti is a tasty treat that just about everyone enjoys. Whether you eat it by itself or dip it into your coffee or another hot drink first, biscotti is a delicious biscuit-like delight. Buying one of our Biscotti WoodWick Candlesas a gift for a friend is a great way to remind them of this sweet and crunchy goodie

Frasier Fir

Can you believe that fall and winter are right around the corner? Soon enough, we will all be picking out our Halloween costumes and figuring out which corn maze to hit first! Remind your special loved one of the upcoming cool season with a Frasier Fir WoodWick Candle. One sniff of this will have your friend reminiscing about fall and Halloweens past.

Clothesline Fresh

Of course, if you and your friends aren’t ready to say goodbye to the summer just yet, another excellent “just because” gift is a Clothesline Fresh WoodWick Candle! This delightful candle brings to mind freshly washed laundry, hanging out in the warm sunshine to dry. There are dryer sheets on the market that try to capture this scent, but there is nothing quite like the actual smell of clothes drying on the line out in your backyard. Bring that scent indoors with one of these WoodWick Candles.

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